BlastFX 1.2 Released!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while, but I've been chipping away and trying to fix and improve as much stuff as I can. 

Here's a list of bug fixes in this update:

  • Fixed a bug with the calculation of the max render size/max frame count which caused frames to disappear
  • Fixed bug with emitter delays running independently to the main frame update of the particles. This became an issue when rendering as it would go out of sync and behave incorrectly.
  • Fixed posterize effect node not saving its value
  • Fixed pixellate effect node not applying values correctly when ratio lock was enabled
  • Fixed palette map effect node not applying the saved dither/alpha values when it initially loads
  • Fixed issue where the save render button was partially obstructed when the preview animation was a certain frame size

Here's new stuff or things that have changed:

  • Added particle pivot/center point property. Now particles can rotate around a user-defined center point, yay!
  • Added Particle colour hue variation curve + randomness, this will increase/decrease the current colour's hue value over the course of the particles lifetime. Useful for adding some randomness to a particles colour.
  • Increased zoom min/max so it easier to fit large particle effects into the frame
  • Added node saving/loading. You can now save and load the node effect configurations you make so they can easily be brought into other projects.
  • Increased FPS render limit to 200. Some people have very fast monitors apparently, I don't, but this is for them.
  • Added ability to save & load gradients. Gradients saved in the <installation dir>/gradients folder will appear in the popup preset list
  • Added drop down list to Palette map node to easily select preset palettes
  • Improved the texture selection dialog by allowing folders to be navigated. Not perfect but getting there. It may still be slow when browsing a folder with large images or many files, I'm still trying to improve this.

I've also removed the examples zip from the project page as examples etc are now included in the main program package.

That's all for this update, enjoy!

Files 14 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018 18 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018 16 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018 14 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018 19 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018 16 MB
Version 8 Oct 27, 2018

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