Minor update

This is just a small update to BlastFX

A new effect node has been added - "Fix Alpha Edges"

As some of you may have noticed when using BlastFX, soft particles often have a dark edge around them, which isn't usually an issue if you plan on drawing your particle effects in your game using a blending mode like Additive, but if you're using a regular mix blending mode, then it looks ugly. This is where the "Fix Alpha Edges" effect node comes in. Just add it to your chain of effects (probably best to put it at the end, although I'm not sure it matters that much) and the final output will be free from this issue! 

Here's an example of how it looks:

Without 'Fix Alpha Edges' nodeWith 'Fix Alpha Edges' node

It's found in the effects list along with the other nodes

I hope this helps anyone who struggled with this issue previously, and I apologise for how long it took to fix. It was tricky figuring out the solution!


blastfx-windows-demo.zip 14 MB
Version 14 Aug 03, 2020
blastfx-mac-demo.zip 18 MB
Version 15 Aug 03, 2020
blastfx-linux-demo.zip 16 MB
Version 15 Aug 03, 2020
blastfx-windows-full.zip 14 MB
Version 14 Aug 03, 2020
blastfx-mac-full.zip 19 MB
Version 14 Aug 03, 2020
blastfx-linux-full.zip 16 MB
Version 14 Aug 03, 2020

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Wow awesome thanks! THIS IS GREAT!