Language issue & GIF Support

Someone on Steam reported their version was running in German, which seemed strange to me, although not impossible. I have actually been working on language support, but because everything has been done via google translate (I know, it's bad but I can't afford a translator right now) I hadn't enabled the language menu yet. However, it would seem that the engine I'm using (Godot) can actually detect the users locale and automatically switch your game/app to their language if the translation is available. This was bad because the translation is currently horrible, and also because there was no language menu, it was impossible to switch back to English! No idea if anyone else has encountered this, but I've disabled all languages apart from English for the time being to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I've also disabled GIF export. It really shouldn't have been added until I was 100% happy with it as it gives people certain expectations of what it can do etc, but it's missing a lot of features, mainly being quick and transparency support. Hopefully in the future I'll be able to re-enable it by using a better export library, possibly something like FFMPEG, although I'd need to figure out the license stuff for that. Yay GPL.

In the mean time, if you want gif support I'd recommend exporting your frames as individual frames and using an online tool like to turn them into GIFs. I'm assuming that anyone using GIF export probably isn't using it as an import format for their games? That'd be really bad if you are, I mean GIFs are terrible and lossy for anything other than quickly sharing an animation on the web! Stick with PNG you mad man!

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