Ex-Zodiac now has an itch.io page!

It's a bit bare and will probably change a lot, but I figured it was about time I setup a page for the project since  I'd like to release a public test demo soon!


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Can't wait for a demo, this looks really cool!

I'm excited to see this become available, even as just a technical demo.


I'm having to prepare a demo for EGX in October, so I imagine I will release that demo online shortly afterwards :)


I played your demo at EGX and I loved it.  Can't wait for this to come out.  Keep up the good work

Thank you! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it :)

Is this project dead? It looks so promising!

It's not dead, it's just a placeholder page for now. I post more updates on my twitter @benhickling although I haven't been posting much about it lately 

This is gorgeous!  I can't wait to see more.  I've always wanted more Star Fox + Star Fox 2.

Looks so rad! Can't wait to see where this goes :)


Thanks! Hopefully I can get back to working on it soon :)

Take your time! I think this will be great if you nail what you're going for. Looking forward to finding out more about the story as well. 

This looks great! Will you release it also on Steam? :D


Yeah that's the plan, it might be a while though.. :)

Lol, looks amazing, you have talent!

Thank you!

Are you still planning on releasing the demo?

Yeah, I've just been busy with some other stuff lately

That looks seriously cool. Is it gonna be 60 FPS? 30FPS?

Currently you can select the frame rate in the options, anything between 20 and 60 (default is 60)

DUUUUDE, this looks sweet!

thank you!

looking good!

Cheers duder