A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Note: This game is currently a work-in-progress. Many things are likely to change before the final release!

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A low-poly 3D rail shooter heavily inspired by various 2D & 3D shooters (ahem, Starfox / Starwing, anyone?) of the early 90's.

Join <unnamed main character> as she ventures through the galaxy on a quest to stop the uprising of the malevolent force known only as Zodiac.


This game plays best using an Xinput compatible analog controller, however digital devices can be used too, such as a D-pad or keyboard (analog is definitely the way to go, though!). The majority of the controls are also re-mappable.

System Requirements

The game should run on most systems, as long as your graphics card supports OpenGL 3.3

Please do not attempt to run this on a real SNES as it will melt

Other Information

This game was created using the free and open-source Godot engine


Ex-Zodiac Windows Demo 49 MB
Ex-Zodiac Linux Demo 50 MB
Ex-Zodiac Mac Demo 52 MB

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