Note: if the game runs slowly in your browser, please try using either Chrome or a new version of IE (yes, even IE seems to run it better than Firefox..)

Alternately, feel free to download the desktop version below. Windows only at the moment I'm afraid!

Thanks to Fyxe and Nim for play testing it for me!

A small Zelda-like (probably the closest thing) mini adventure game that I made as part of an on-going weekly game project I'm attempting. A week for an adventure/RPG isn't really enough, so this game is pretty short, like 5 minutes short. Probably less once you know your way around it. I gave it the name 'Best Quest' because it really isn't the best quest, which made it funnier to me.

Either way, I'm pretty happy with how much I achieved in a week considering it was all done from scratch.


- Arrow keys to move

- Z to interact with things, signs, doors etc

- X to attack


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How'd I do time-wise for a first-run?  Cool game objects... 🤣